Zazedin Han
(Saadettin Caravanserei)

Zazadin Han was founded by . Sadettin Kopek; an architect and vezier. (prime minister) of the Seljukid court in the time of Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad. , it was cmpleted in 1237. This building has an inordinate plan with its very long courtyard (17x54m.) and small, enclosed section (22x28m). There is a smail masjid situated on the entrance portal of the building. A narrow staircase leads to it from the courtyard. , The enclosed section of the building on the west is covered with vaults: There is a partly collapsed dome ceowning the vaults of the central axe and one can see the remains of. the corner squinches of its high drum. The vaults and walls of this part show a refined stone masonry..