Sahip Ata

Sahip Ata Mosque was founded in 1258 by Sahip Ata, the vezier of Sultan Izzeddin Keykavus II. The portal and mihrap of the pristine mosque and its convent are intaot today. The former, originat mosque had wooden'posts supporting a ceiling mede ot timber, This type falls into the group of  "wooden pillared mosques". The name of the architsct (Amele Koluk - bin Abduflah) is inscribed on the portal of the mosque. The convent, which has three iwans around an enciosed central space, stands behind the qibla wall of the mosque. It has a separate entrance gate from the street. on the east of the mosque. Between the mosque and the convent .is a tomb built by Sahip Ata for his family in 1283.