Ince Minareli

Ince Minareli Madrasa was constructed between the dates 1260-65 and is a work of architect Koluk bin Abdullah whose name is inscribed as "Amel-i Koluk bin Abdullah inside of the two symmetrical rosettes on the portal. This building was used as a theological school (Dar'ul Hadis) in the Seljukid period. Karatay Madrasa falls into the group of enclosed-madrasas. Behind the portal is a square vaulted . vestibule leading to the central square topped . with a comprising perforated dome below which is a central pool. There are domed square rooms on the two sides of an iwan flanking . the central space on the west and small student cells are placed on the northern and southern sides of the central domed hall.

This minaret on the right of the facade belongs to a masjid which was standing adjacent to the madrasa on the north-eastern side. The portal of the building is one of the most intricately ornamented Seljukid portals. Inscriptions and vegetal motifs are juxtaposed in a particular way creating a very balanced and symmetrical total design probebly reflecting the harmony of heavenly bodies.