Sultanhan Tuzhisar

This caravanserai, which is on the Kayseri-Sivas highway, was completed in the years 1232-36. It is a double-section caravanserai with a courtyard surrounded by arcades and a huge enclosed part facing this. There is a square kiosk masjid at the centre of the court raised through pointed arches froro the ground Two dragons placed face to face with mouths open decorate the profiles of the arches. On the north-western corner of the court is a complete Seljukid bath comprising dressing, tepid and hot sections. The portal leading to the enclosed section protrudes from the wall for two metres. It is decorated wzth a stalactite niche and geometrical star patterns. There is a six metre wide central nave inside. At the centre of this part is a lantern dome on paidentives. The vault of this part is higher than the vaults of the side corridors that are  placed pendicular to the nave.