Kosk Madrasa (or Emir Ertena Memorial):

    Kosk Madrasa was built for Suli Pasa by her husband Emir Ertena in 1339. This building is uncompromising from outside with its fortress like exterior. There are staircases leading to wulted rooms on the two side of its iwan like entrance venibule, which leads to an arcaded courtyard This courtyard contains an octagonal kumbet with a high crypt and a pyamidal cap. This roonument is far from the ciy of K.ayseri. Furthermore. its use as an educational edifice is not approved. This building Has most probably constructed as a place to commemorate Emir Ertena and his spouse. Suli Pasa. it was a memorial containing an ambulatory space encircling the tomb and a resting house for vsitors in the entrance section.