Karatay Han

Kartay Han, dating from 1240 to 1241, was founded by Atabey Emir Celaleddin Karatay on the Kayseri-Malatya highway located 54 km to the east of Kayseri. Very similar in plan to the Tuzhisar Sultan Han, this caravanserai especially draws anention with its figural decoration. There is a corridor like entrance iwan topped by a vault On the right of this sa;tion is a domod masjid and on the left is a tomb covered by a cross vauIt. A dome, which is covered by a conical cap on the outside, surmounts the,central part of the enclosed section. There are corner squinches supporting the dome on the inside.Animal and human motifs are placed on the gates leading to the courtyard and the tomb inside. Karatay Han has also a bath.