Haci Kilic
Mosque and Madrasa

This complex was founded in 1249 by Ebiil Kasun bin Ali el Tusi. during the reign of Sultan Izzeddin Keykaws II. The zulla of the mosque comprises five aisles perpendicular to the qibla wall and a maqsvra dome in front of the mihrab section. In oonformiy with the previous examples, the central aisle is wider than the olhers are. Inside. there are tluee arcada patallel to the qibla wall, which balance the oblong, basilical scheme of the mosque. In this way a traditional Islamic place of worship is created W7th aisles paralkl to the qibla wall. The entrance gate of the mosque is on the east. It is not on the same avs With the mihrab. Hac~ KilK Mosque then, is a good evample to illustrate the anempts of the Anatolian Seljukid architects to adapt the indigenous basilical plan to the spatial requirements of the Muslim praver. The antral aisle opens to the coum~ard of the madrasa, which is surrounded by arcades in front of the student cells. Across the entrance vestibule of the madrasa is an iwan adjacent to the mosque. The portal of the madrasa is on the same street line with the portal of the mosque.