Uc Serefeli Mosque

Uc serefeli Mosque was begun in 1437 by Murad II and completed in 1447. Its dome (24 m. in diameter) was revolutionazy for the 15'" century. This is no longer a dervish mosque of the Bursa type. On the other hand, the memory of the longitudinal Anatolian mosques with cotumns inside is stitl alive. Two immense freestanding pieis, four inset piers and four arches that spring from them carry the huge dome. The txiangular units between these arches and the arches of the domed side wings are filled with domlettes. The Uc ,serefeli Mosque in Edime is the final expression of the type called "aisled mosque with a dome accent". In Uc ,Serefeli, side wings axe shortened and covered by domes and the central dome extends all the way from the qibla wall to the porch.